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How long does recovery take after Allurion Balloon placement?

Usually within 2-3 days, the patient is ready to return to their daily routine.

However, in some people the symptoms may last longer.

It may be better to request a few days off from work in advance just in case, or arrange to have the balloon inserted on a Friday so you can take advantage of the weekend.

What is the Elipse balloon and how does it work?

It is the first gastric balloon that can be inserted or removed without the need for surgery, endoscopy or anesthesia.

The patient is simply asked to swallow a pill-capsule. The balloon is placed during a short visit to the Radiology Department of the Euroclinic of Athens by the scientific team of Mr. Rautopoulos. The patient is simply asked to swallow a pill-capsule. This pill is the balloon that will solve your obesity problem.

The procedure for placing the Elipse balloon

The process of placing the gastric balloon takes a few minutes and is particularly easy. The placement is done in the Radiology department and the patient is asked to swallow a pill. This pill stays in the stomach and in this phase it is connected to a very thin catheter, a tube, which will help us fill the pill with distilled water. During the placement, two x-rays will need to be taken, on the one hand for to ascertain that the pill has passed through the stomach and on the other hand to ascertain whether it has indeed been filled with the distilled water.

As long as the Allurion balloon is in my stomach, can I eat whatever I want?

The goal of Allurion treatment is twofold. On the one hand, it helps you lose weight, as the gastric balloon covers the available space in the stomach, on the other hand, a team of health experts is permanently at your disposal, who train you to adopt healthier eating habits. We make small changes at a time, setting small realistic goals. Even eating slowly, savoring every bite, and consuming the right amounts of fluids throughout the day is an important step!

Is there any chance I can gain the weight back?

The Elipse weight loss program is not a weight loss method. Weight loss methods fail because they are a temporary change from everyday life and are not designed to be followed long-term. Through Allurion's holistic program and under the guidance of Mr. Rautopoulos and the innovative program he has created, we are given a good period of time of around 16 weeks, during which we train the patient in healthy habits, while at the same time achieving the maximum possible weight loss.

What have the results shown so far?

Allurion's weight loss program has been used for a long time in the European Union, Asia and South America with spectacular results.

 Our data so far has shown that patients lose an average of 20% or 1/5 of their initial body weight in about 16 weeks. In absolute number it corresponds to 23 kg on average. 

Up to 95% of weight loss can be maintained with 12-month follow-up. Patients who continue the 12-month follow-up program can lose up to 40% of their starting weight.


John Raytopoulos, MD, PhD, FACS, FASMBS

Director of Bariatric Surgery, Euroclinic of Athens

Director, Weight Management program, Holyoke Medical Center, Holyoke, Massachusetts, USA

Associate Professor of Surgery, University of Connecticut, USA

Medical Services:

  • Exclusive availability in Greece of the innovative and bloodless pill-gastric balloon Allurion

  • Obesity surgery (USA board certified, Bariatric & Advanced laparoscopic surgery fellowship, Pittsburgh USA, 18 years of experience in America & Greece > 5000 bariatric operations, weight loss and safety in the top 1% in the USA)

  • Innovative diet and exercise programs based on personal research with the potential to lose 10%-20% of starting weight


I started my PhD at the University of Athens and successfully obtained after exams the ECFMG diploma which enabled me to apply for residency in the USA. Despite intense competition, I immediately began a salaried residency in General Surgery at the University of Illinois at Chicago. 

During the specialization I completed my PhD with honors. I completed the six-year residency in the US without delay and immediately went on to an additional year of paid residency in Laparoscopic and Bariatric Surgery at WestPenn-Allegheny Health System in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. At the same time, I passed the American Board of Surgery certification exams and also obtained the title of Surgical Specialty in Greece.

 After completing my residency I was able to get accepted to the University of Pittsburgh, which is one of the top 20 Universities in the USA in the department of Laparoscopic and Bariatric Surgery as a salaried Assistant Professor.



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