Postoperative follow-up

Postoperative follow-up will be exclusively with Dr. Raftopoulos. If you traveled to Greece for your surgery and you live in another country the follow-up will be also made exclusively by Dr. Raftopoulos by phone, email and a secure online website that offers audio-visual communication. Postoperative follow-up is very important for an excellent outcome. Dr. Raftopoulos is committed to a close follow-up and he feels it is part of his responsibility to each of his patients. The postoperative follow-up includes the following standard visits with Dr. Raftopoulos:



1 week postoperatively
2 weeks postoperatively
6 weeks postoperatively
3 months postoperatively and blood work
6 months postoperatively and blood work
9 months postoperatively
12 months postoperatively and blood work


Postoperative follow-up continues indefinitely after the first postoperative year every 3-6 months. It is not also unusual that a patient may be seen more frequently that the standard visits described previously if Dr. Raftopoulos feels that this is required for an excellent result. The blood work is repeated biannually or annually after the first postoperative year. In addition, Dr. Raftopoulos offers the possibility of email communication between your appointments without any cost to you when the goals that were set at the previous office appointment have not been met.