Robotic surgery

Professor Raftopoulos has received special training at the DaVinci Robotic system in the USA and has received certification for his training from the manufacturing company Intuitive Surgical (please see link). In addition, Dr. Raftopoulos has used the DaVinci robotic system in several of his own bariatric patients.

robotic surgery

What is robotic surgery and how can it help you?
Robotic surgery allows the completion of complex abdominal operations through small incisions like laparoscopic surgery. Robotic surgery can reduce postoperative pain and hospital stay.
What is the DaVinci system?
Τhe DaVinci robotic system has been used already in more than 1.5 million procedures worldwide. Τhe DaVinci robotic system is a tool that assists the surgeon to perform complex manouvers through very small incisions. Τhe DaVinci system cannot act independently from the surgeon. The surgeon controls all the actions of the DaVinci system. The robotic system DaVinci allows for a stereoscopic tri-dimensional view which is not possible in laparoscopic surgery. The robotic instruments of the DaVinci system can perform all the motions of the human hand allowing the surgeon to perform all the manouvers that he would normally be able to perform only in open surgery. Laparoscopic surgery does not allow this.
Is robotic surgery safe?
In experienced hands robotic surgery is as safe as open surgery and its outcomes are comparable with those of laparoscopic surgery.