We offer weight loss programs more or less aggressive depending on the patient’s preference and the goals we have set. We usually recommend a more aggressive program at the beginning which is usually adjusted slowly to a more normal but healthier diet plan.

Our plans are based to face to face visits but also frequent electronic and telephone communication between appointments. No weight loss plan can be successful without frequent communication between the physician and the patient. Based on Dr. Raftopoulos’ experience the frequent communication allows the physician to understand better each patient’s unique situation and habits and additionally each patient needs constant positive reinforcement and reminding to avoid errors, deviations or misunderstandings.
Each program is custom made to the needs of each patient following a detailed review of each own diet and exercise habits.
The programs are not only focused on detailed instructions regarding the type and quantity of food but also the timing of each meal in order to avoid errors and deviations.
Because diets cannot be a long-term weight loss solution our goal is to achieve a maximum weight loss with the diet and slowly transition to a healthier lifestyle that will allow weight maintenance.
Each diet program is accompanied by an exercise program which will be organized by Dr. Raftopoulos.

Dr. Raftopoulos pays particular attention not only to the type and duration of exercise but also the timing of exercise during the day and in relation to the meals.
Weight is assessed by TANITA Body Composition Analyzer which not only measures weight but also assesses body composition in water, fat and muscle. This allows a better assessment of weight loss and maximizes fat loss which is the goal. The TANITA Body Composition Analyzer is approved by the US Federal Drug Administration (FDA).