Dr. Raftopoulos’ interest in non surgical weight loss began through his experience with morbidly obese patients who were preparing for bariatric surgery. The common belief that obese patients cannot lose any weight on their own is not correct based on Dr. Raftopoulos’ experience. To the contrary, according to Dr. Raftopoulos’ experience obese patients have managed to lose up to 90 lbs (45 kg) on their own and without surgery!
All patients who prepare for bariatric surgery participate in our non-surgical weight loss programs.
Anyone who is interested to lose at least 10 kg or about 22 lbs would also benefit from participating in these programs. The benefit would be greater for:

  • Patients with high cholesterol or heart disease that need to lose weight based on their primary care physician or cardiologist,
  • Patients with severe arthritis and significant joint pain who are considering joint replacement surgery,
  • Patients with pulmonary disease such as asthma, COPD or sleep apnea,
  • Postpartum.